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I sell semi-solid and solid hand dyed yarns in lace and fingering weights. Hand dyed yarns are beautiful things, but the downside of this is that there will always be slight variations between skeins. I dye using the same recipe every time, but even so there will be variation within the dye-lots and even more between dye-lots. I recommend getting the same dye-lot for all the yarn you plan to use in a project, and to alternate skeins when you change skeins. If you need a bigger lot than you see in the shop please contact me.

I do my very best to take as accurate picture as possible of my yarns, but please remember that every monitor displays colours differently. So even if yarn and pictures looks like a perfect match on the monitor I use, I cannot guarantee that the yarn will look the same as it does on your monitor.

Yarn absorbs humidity, and the weight might vary slightly depending on the climate where you live. Knots and joins are occasionally found in skeins. This is unfortunately a result of how yarn is produced. I try to mark the knotty skeins in listings, so that you will be aware of what you are buying, but they can be hard to spot, so some might go undetected.

I do custom orders when I have the capacity. Please contact me.


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