I'll be your bitch, Gyda! on Lace - BFL/Silk

I'll be your bitch, Gyda! on Lace - BFL/Silk


55% BFL 45% Silk

800 meters per 100 gram skein

This is a delicious base mixing the best of BFL and Silk. BFL (Bluefaced Leicester) is a bred of sheep with gorgeous shiny long staple wool that still is softer then most long-wool sheep. Blended with silk it gives a fantastic lace weight yarn that would be perfect for a shawl or a lightweight summer cardigan.

Gyda was the daughter of the Norse king of Dublin, and she had been married to an English earl. Her husband died and she ruled his lands. Gyda was rich, young and beautiful, so many men came asking for her hand in marriage, including a man called Alvine. He was a great fighter and his favourite hobby was challenging people to duels. Gyda did not fancy him, so she sent out messengers all through the land, for all men to come to a general assembly so she could pick herself a new husband.

At the assembly was Olav Tryggvason, future king of Norway. He was living the life of a Viking chieftain at this point, spending his time raiding around the British Isles.

Gyda went around the assembly, looking closely at all the men available to choose from. Olav stood a bit apart and he hadn't dressed up for the occasion, unlike most of them. But Gyda liked what she saw and asked him who he was. Olav gave a false name and said he was a stranger in the land. Gyda then said «I choose you if you will have me». Olav said; sure, I will not say no to that. Then they talked a bit and were betrothed.

Alvine got really pissed off at this, and naturally challenged Olav to a duel. Olav was not the kind of man to refuse a fight, so a time was set for the duel. Olav kicked his ass, bound him, took all his goods and kicked him out of the country.

That is how Gyda both got to marry the man she fancied at first sight and got rid of her bothersome suitor.

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