The Mistress of Seidr on Lace - BFL/Silk

The Mistress of Seidr on Lace - BFL/Silk


55% BFL 45% Silk

800 meters per 100 gram skein

This is a delicious base mixing the best of BFL and Silk. BFL (Bluefaced Leicester) is a bred of sheep with gorgeous shiny long staple wool that still is softer then most long-wool sheep. Blended with silk it gives a fantastic lace weight yarn that would be perfect for a shawl or a lightweight summer cardigan.

Seiđer is an art of religious magic. It can be used for good both and evil purpouses. This brand of magic was mainly the women's domain; there where male practitioners, but they did not enjoy the same respect as the women did. For men, seiđ carried a social stigma, as it was seen as feminine and thus not proper for a man to use, as he ought to be as masculine as possible. Freya, who was of the Vanir gods, taught the rest of the Æsir gods to use seiđ. Odin became a master of the art, transcending the taboo human men were subjected to.

A dark and mysterious colourway, blending hues of deep violet.

"Njǫrðr’s daughter was Freya. She presided over the sacrifice. It was she who first acquainted the Æsir with seiðr, which was customary among the Vanir."


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