Hagbard and the King's Daughter on Lace – Kid Silk

Hagbard and the King's Daughter on Lace – Kid Silk


72% Kid Mohair 28% Silk

420 meters per 50 gram skein

An airy and soft bled of Kid Mohair and Silk. The mohair gives this yarn a beautiful halo and the silk gives gorgeous shine. This lace-weight yarn is perfect either on its own or used as a carry along yarn for any other yarns.

The classic recipe: Feuding families + two young lovers + and in true Norse saga style a lot of violence = Tragic outcome. This story is regarded as the background for the tales of tragic lovers in Norse culture.

The tale of Hagbard and Signe, the King’s daughter, begins with Hagbard and his brothers killing Signe’s brothers in a blood feud. Because of this Hagbard can not come openly to the visit Signe at her fathers court so he dress up as a shield-maiden and goes there. But her maid get suspicious about his looks and betray them to her father the King. Before men come to take him, Hagbard asks Signe what she will do if her father kills him. Signe answers that she will not live without him. The maid had stolen Hagbard`s weapons and armour while he is in bed with Signe before she betrayed the young lovers to the King. The King sends his household men to seize Hagbard, but even without weapons he kills a whole lot of them. In the end Hagbard is taken, by trickery, and the king sentence him to hang. The queen in mock ceremony offers him the parting glass as he is walking up the hill to the gallows. When he gets to the top of the hill where the gallows stand he sees that Signe’s bower is going up in flame. Then he allows himself to be hung, claiming it was all worth it.

«Oh, how should I ride with hawk on hand

To thy father's court so free ?

Full well I know thy wrathful sire

Would hang me to a tree !»

The ballad of Hagbard and Signelil

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