The Daughter's of ràn on Lace - Kid Silk

The Daughter's of ràn on Lace - Kid Silk


72% Kid Mohair 28% Silk

420 meters per 50 gram skein

An airy and soft bled of Kid Mohair and Silk. The mohair gives this yarn a beautiful halo and the silk gives gorgeous shine. This lace-weight yarn is perfect either on its own or used as a carry along yarn for any other yarns.

Rán is a Norse goddess of the sea. She catches drowned men in her net, and everybody lost at sea belongs to her in the afterlife. Rán's husband is Ægir, the god of the sea and of the art of brewing ale. Rán and Ægir have nine daughters. They are the wild waves. All nine are named after different types of waves. As a group, they are referred to as either of their parents' daughters, or by poetic descriptions like “the nine skerry-brides”.

Helgi ordered the high sail to be set,

his crew did not fail at the meeting of the waves,

when Ægir's terrible daughter

wanted to capsize the stay-bridled wave-horse.

First poem of Helgi Hundinsbani

A deep blue-green, like waves on the wild and deep sea.

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