Tussmørke Fingering - Mini skein set

Tussmørke Fingering - Mini skein set


100% Superwash BFL

Five miniskeins, each 20g/80m, making a total of 100g/400m.

Bluefaced Leicester is a bred of sheep with gorgeus shiny long staple wool that still is softer then most long-wool sheep Mini skein sets are great when you want a little of several colours.

Tussmørke is a Norwegian word for the special light of the long northern twillight that will make you image you are seeing trolls and other hidden peoples. Scandinavian folklore is populated by many strange beings that dwell beneath the world we see. They are deeply rooted in Norse mythology and were simply adapted to the changing times and beliefs, and lived on as superstition. The first part of the word «tuss» is a collective term for all the hidden people, and the second part simply means darkness.

A gradient set in grayscale, from a slightly warm light grey to a colder dark grey.

Giant causes anguish to women;
 misfortune makes few men cheerful.

Norwegian rune poem

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