Bergtatt on Singles - Merino/Silk/Yak

Bergtatt on Singles - Merino/Silk/Yak


65% Superwash Merino 20% Silk 15%Yak

480 meters per 120 gram skein

A soft and delicious singles yarn. The yarn is a light grey when undyed so all colours looks a bit different on this base. Perfect for shawls and soft garments with a lot of drape.

There are many stories, presented as fairytales, myths and songs, that tell of young men or women who are taken into the mountain by the wights who dwell beneath the earth. Normally, the motif in this kind of tale is that the young man or woman meets a beautiful stranger who brings them into the mountain to marry. When a man is taken into the mountain, he's normally been caught by the Huldra, while it's normally the Mountain King who ensnares young women.

The stories of the earth dwellers, like Huldra, trolls, gnomes, dwarves, fairies and elves, have deep roots going back to the heathen Norse beliefs. The Norse myths form the foundations of all the supernatural creatures who survived in folklore long after everyone had stopped worshipping the ancient gods.

One of the most famous folk songs about being taken into the mountain, is «Margit Hjukse». It was made famous through an interpretation by the popular, Norwegian folk-rock band Gåte. The tale tells of proud Margit, the daugher at the largest farm in the county. On her way to church, she chooses the route by the foot of the mountain. Along the way, she meets the Mountain King, and he brings her into the mountain. He gives her lavish presents, and sires three sons and three daughters with her.

To be taken into the mountain can also be used idiomatically, as being head over heels in love with someone or something.

«Then came the mountain king with his long white beard»

Margit Hjukse, trad. song

A cold, pale, purplish pinks, like the shades on a distant mountain.

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