Darradarljod on Singles - Merino/Silk/Yak

Darradarljod on Singles - Merino/Silk/Yak


65% Superwash Merino 20% Silk 15%Yak

480 meters per 120 gram skein

A soft and delicious singles yarn. The yarn is a light grey when undyed so all colours looks a bit different on this base. Perfect for shawls and soft garments with a lot of drape.

It was on Good Friday and the place was Caithness on the northern tip of the Scottish mainland. Darraðar saw twelve women ride to a stone hut. He spied on them through a crack in the wall and he saw them setting up a grizzly loom. Men's heads were the weights, men's entrails were the warp and wed, a sword was the shuttle, and the reels were arrows. The women were Valkyries deciding the outcome of the battle of Clontarf outside Dublin in 1014. As they wove the fabric they sang a song that Darraðar memorized, so it is called Darraðarljóð. When they were done they tore the loom done and ripped the fabric into pieces. Each Valkyrie rode of holding on to the part she had in her hand. Their song ends:

"start we swiftly with steeds unsaddled—hence to battle with brandished swords!"

Darraðarljóð, Njàls Saga chapter 157

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