Fimbulwinter on Lace – Kid Silk

Fimbulwinter on Lace – Kid Silk


72% Kid Mohair 28% Silk

420 meters per 50 gram skein

An airy and soft bled of Kid Mohair and Silk. The mohair gives this yarn a beautiful halo and the silk gives gorgeous shine. This lace-weight yarn is perfect either on its own or used as a carry along yarn for any other yarns.

The world will end with Ragnarok. One of the signs that the end is near is that there will be three very hard winters in a row, with no summer between them. Brother will kill brother, kinsman will wage war upon kinsman, and life on earth will be hard. It will be a time of swords and shattered shields, of wolves, storms, and evil deeds. Only two people will survive, hiding in Hodmimi's forest. They see the new world rise up after the old one has gone down in battle and flames.

 There feeds he full

on the flesh of the dead,

And the home of the gods

he reddens with gore;

Dark grows the sun,

and in summer soon

Come mighty storms:

would you know yet more?


A pale blue-green ice colour.

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