Volva on Lace – Kid Silk

Volva on Lace – Kid Silk


72% Kid Mohair 28% Silk

420 meters per 50 gram skein

An airy and soft bled of Kid Mohair and Silk. The mohair gives this yarn a beautiful halo and the silk gives gorgeous shine. This lace-weight yarn is perfect either on its own or used as a carry along yarn for any other yarns.

To the north lies Nifelheim, a place of mist, ice and frozen rivers. It is the deepest parts of the realm of the dead. Odin once rode there to consult a dead Volve, a seer or sorceress, on the fate of the gods. She rose up and told Odin about what had been as well as on what was yet to come.

Her prophecy is told in one of the most famous poems in the poetic Edda. This poem is called Voluspå, meaning literally the Volva's prophecy.

Hearing I ask

from the holy races,

From Heimdall's sons,

both high and low;

Thou wilt, Valfather,

that well I relate

Old tales I remember

of men long ago.


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